High Times Magazine October 2018

High Times Magazine October 2018

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This [Sheenius Brand] was born out of already having a presence in the cannabis world—not just the community, but in the commerce of it all. You know, I went on that whole fricking meltdown years ago, and I guess a lot of catch- phrases came out of that insane maelstrom—from heaven or hell, or somewhere in the middle, and people have been capitalizing on that for years. 

There’s stuff that’s named after me, and strains named after quotes that I had, and it became quite popular. So I’m sitting back thinking, “Geez man, there’s some- body out there making a ton of dough off shit that I created accidentally. Why shouldn’t I be in this game officially?” And that’s when my partners approached me and said, “Hey man, we’re patients and cultivators, and we think that now will be a fabulous time to put your name on a brand and put it into the mix.” 

Will your products be named after your infamous catchphrases? 

Well, MaliBlu Dream is one of them. Milli’s Vanilla is another one. 

Can we expect something called Tiger Blood? 

We decided to stay away from that because it didn’t seem original. There’s one called Dolphin Hugs. 

That sounds nice. 

Yeah, it sounds like a good time. A dolphin hug. It’s not a bad day. Clown Mace is pretty good, because what clown shouldn’t be maced? One of our favorites is Grandma’s Perfume. And then we have one called The Legend. This strange thing happened in the past few years where millennials, these kids come up from the street, and they’re like, “Wow, man, I get to meet the legend.” I’m kind of not totally comfortable with that, you know? It’s nice. It’s flattering. It’s cool. But it turned into such a thing that we figured we would just name a strain The Legend. It sounds horribly arrogant and totally self-serving and completely... whatever, but we kind of had to. 

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